Are you bored?

Then, you're in the right place.

If you or someone you know has suffered from boredom, you might benefit from a design or illustration update. My name is Kristina Filler and I take the boring out of logos, websites, shirts, walls, kitchenware, exercise, social justice, movies, pie charts, time-tracking, gardens, baby cards, and even pizza.​ I've helped dozens of people go on to live better, less boring lives. You can too!


Warning: side effects may include eyebrow dancing.

Scroll for work.


This was made in the pre-quarantine era, but has a distinct home office 2020 vibe (minus the make-up). Newsletter illustration for Harvest.


 If your day were a pie chart, would it have horses and spots? Made for Creative Mornings and Harvest.

Made for the upcoming motivational exercise book, My Trainer Says by Cheri Paige Fogleman. It's going to be a very serious book. Very, very.


This is an illustration of every day of my unemployment in quarantine. Have I mentioned I'm for hire?


Long before we worried about little things like global pandemics, we worried about gun violence. This shirt design was inspired by my own family's tragedy and helped raise over $11,000 for


Sometimes I draw portraits.


You might think your dad wrote these garden stick pun jokes... and you're right. I'm your real dad and I'm sorry you had to find out this way.


Logo for the upcoming film, Serpentine Pink. Clearly, this logo concept is very abstract. It's this kind of deep thinking that helped me secure "Most Creative" in my high school yearbook.


This set design was inspired by my family's Hudson County accent. If you've never heard it before, please enjoy this clip of my aunt tawking about breakfuhst.

BrooklyneseAunt Bea
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Logo for the fitness program that gets you healthy "in the dopest way possible." 

baby_cards_logo copy.jpg

This line of sarcastic baby cards helps ensure that parents and their future children laugh a lot, instead of being boring, humorless turd robots.


These icons were wade for, a fun website for the world's most funnest trainer.


This is a cactus.


This moon was one of many doodles made to support my podcast, Women Crush Weekly. I'd like to say there's some deep subconscious meaning with moons and women's cycles or something, but I just like moons.


This is a tattoo design I drew for my husband. He still hasn't gotten it inked. To encourage him to take the plunge, tweet at him @pfiller.


ARTE teaches teenagers about social justice through community art projects. It's run by really good people who somehow got mixed up with me.


This mural was done on the walls (technically just one wall) of the time-tracking software company, Harvest in NYC. It contains various time-keeping devices and office supplies to remind you to quit wasting time staring at a wall and get back to work. Just kidding- you can stare at my art as long as you like.


Let's end boredom together.

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I hope this journey has helped you feel a little less bored. To sustain this glorious feeling, hire me or read more about me. You can also visit my newest projects: My Trainer Says, Time Well Spent & Women Crush Weekly or follow me wherever you follow other humans: